College Sports In Boston: Who Are The Big Rivals?

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College sports have always been big in the city of Boston, where the large number of colleges and universities means the city is teeming with college sports of every variety and at every level. There are four colleges that are Division I schools in the NCAA: Boston University, Boston College, Harvard University, and Northeastern University.

These four schools participate in a multitude of competitions, including the popular Beanpot Tournament held each February in the major arena in the city, the TD Garden.Is this new to you? Catch up href=’’>here In the Beanpot Tournament, the four schools’ men’s hockey teams battle it out to obtain the impressive status of Boston’s best hockey team.

The football rivalry between Boston College and UMass Amherst, for example, has gone on since 1899. Their basketball rivalry, popularly called “the Commonwealth Classic,” has been held annually since 1995 but occurred for the first time in 1905. This rivalry is a classic in the world of Boston collegiate sports.

The competition between Amherst College and Williams College is called “The Biggest Little Game in America.” The two schools are small colleges in Massachusetts, but they are frequent and fierce rivals nonetheless.

There are many other schools in the Boston area, including the College of the Holy Cross, historic rival of Boston College, Tufts University, Brandeis University, and dozens more. The schools all have terrific athletics and a sense of spirit regarding their hometown of Boston, making for some exciting rivalries in collegiate sports.

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